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We are securing your premises with IT Security Services .

In today’s disruptive digital market, it is critical that your organization proactively manages and minimizes security breaches and risk. A best-practice IT security strategy will also help you to ensure compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.

NANOBITE offers and end-to-end range of security services to help you create a cost-effective, reliable and secure IT environment that will scale and align to your organization’s requirements.

The four key business benefits that you can expect as a result from developing an effective governance approach to your IT security include:

  • Reduced risks and associated business impacts to a manageable level
  • Strategic alignment of your security requirements with your overall business strategy and objectives
  • Increased business value from optimizing your security investments to support your overall business objectives
  • Preserved and increased market share due to your positive reputation with safeguarding information

Nanobite provides a comprehensive range of digital and CCTV systems with IP CCTV cameras and security surveillance systems for both analogue CCTV Cameras and IP network based CCTV Systems that have resulted in their deployment in major international airports, schools, organisations, government projects and industrial and commercial facilities through to small retailers and homes throughout UAE.

Samsung offers some unique core CCTV systems technology in their CCTV cameras to provide you with top of the range quality and can package either an Analogue CCTV camera solution or IP Full HD CCTV systems to suit your needs.

Our team of experienced professionals can supply, install and maintain your security cameras and CCTV security systems for you and ensure that they are operating properly and to your satisfaction. CCTV Camera and CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems have many uses such as:

  • CCTV Systems to provide quality assured security using anti blur technology to identify bar codes and number plates and store them accurately
  • CCTV Surveillance to monitor tough environments with vandalism resistant cameras
  • CCTV Surveillance to monitor Goods Inwards and Outwards using movement sensing CCTV Cameras
  • CCTV Systems for Access Control and Alarm Monitoring

Access Control System

Access control is the practice of restricting entrance to a property, building or room to authorised persons. Electronic access control can be achieved by a combination of electronic locks, card or biometric access readers and software. Often an access control system is integrated with the security alarm system. Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from access control systems just as much as larger businesses.

Our staff will provide you with a free no obligation site survey to determine the best access control system for your business. Using the best access control technology available, our staff will recommend a cost efficient solution to you.

The visible aspects of an access control system are typically access cards, card readers and electronic locks. Various types of access card readers are available – proximity systems, swipe cards, retina scans and finger scans. Readers are off the shelf and compatible with most access control systems.

Time & Attandance

Time and Attendance solutions combine modern biometric (finger-scan) time clocks, and purpose-built workforce management software to automate the vital process of collecting, collating and processing employee attendance information. The results are measured in massive savings in payroll processing time, improved payroll accuracy and increased labor productivity.

Nanobite’s Time and Attendance solutions utilize state-of the-art biometric time clocks that guarantee accuracy of data collected and eliminate fraudulent practices such as buddy punching and timesheet manipulation. This information is then passed to our purpose-built time and attendance software for interpretation, application of awards and for payroll processing. When fully integrated with payroll, this allows seamless, automated data collection and processing.

Time and Attendance offers profitability improvement beyond the scope of most other cost-reduction initiatives.

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