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We are professional IT Support providers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah etc.

Small and mid-sized businesses are increasingly realising that outsourcing some or all responsibility for IT support to specialised providers makes more sense than trying to perform this function in-house.

For medium sized organisations the business case for outsourcing infrastructure support is quite compelling because when it’s done properly, it delivers lower costs, increased end user satisfaction, a far greater breadth and depth of expertise, and a more reliable and effective infrastructure.

How can support you

  • IT management systems for desktops, servers and network devices.

  • Scheduled Network Maintenance package.

  • Service Desk.

  • Field Support

  • Account management and reporting

  • A Service Level Agreement

  • IT Staffing Solutions

  • Smart Cloud components

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Nanobite offers the highest quality and best value outsourcing options for medium and small organisations throughout UAE and Saudi Arabia. Our responsiveness and customer service, combined with our coverage and depth of expertise, and our Smart Cloud options and IT staffing solutions deliver an unparalleled infrastructure support solution.

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